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Computer Science Technical Reports




Automatic Verification of Competitive Stochastic Systems

Taolue Chen‚ Vojtech Forejt‚ Marta Kwiatkowska‚ David Parker and Aistis Simaitis

No. RR−11−11. DCS. 2011.


Stream Differential Equations: concrete formats for coinductive definitions

Clemens Kupke‚ Milad Niqui and Jan Rutten

No. RR−11−10. 2011.


Semantic Web Search Based on Ontological Conjunctive Queries

Bettina Fazzinga‚ Giorgio Gianforme‚ Georg Gottlob and Thomas Lukasiewicz

No. RR−11−08. DCS. October, 2011.


A New Perspective in Pervasive Advertising

Lorenzo Carrara and Giorgio Orsi

No. RR−11−07. DCS. 2011.


The order encoding: from tractable CSP to tractable SAT

Justyna Petke and Peter Jeavons

No. RR−11−04. DCS‚ University of Oxford. 2011.


Categorical Quantum Circuits

Ville Bergholm and Jacob Biamonte

No. RR−10−17. OUCL. September, 2011.