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Long Nguyen : Publications

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Authenticating ad hoc networks by comparison of short digests

Long H. Nguyen and Andrew W. Roscoe

In Information and Computation (an international journal). Vol. 206‚ Issues 2−4. Pages 250−271. Feb-Apr 2008.


Short−output universal hash functions and their use in fast and secure message authentication


Reverse Authentication in Financial Transactions and Identity Management

Bangdao Chen‚ Long Nguyen and A.W. Roscoe

In Mobile Networks and Applications. Pages 1−16. 2012.



Software Implementation of digest function

Long Nguyen



Model checking cryptographic protocols subject to combinatorial attack.

T. Smyth A.W. Roscoe and L.H. Nguyen.



CSP files

Toby Smyth A.W. Roscoe and Long Nguyen



Rational distance−bounding protocols over noisy channels

Long Hoang Nguyen

In The 4th International Conference on Security of Information and Networks SIN 2011. 2011.


Rational authentication protocols

Long Nguyen



On the construction of digest functions for manual authentication protocols

Long Hoang Nguyen and Andrew William Roscoe

In Under preparation. 2011.


Authentication protocols based on low−bandwidth unspoofable channels: a comparative survey

Long Hoang Nguyen and Andrew William Roscoe

In Journal of Computer Security. Vol. Volume 19‚ Number 1 / 2011. Pages 139−201. 2011.


CSP files for payment protocols

Bill Roscoe‚ Chen Bangdao and Long Nguyen



Simple construction of biased distribution

Long Nguyen and Bill Roscoe



A new bound for t−wise almost universal hash functions

L.H. Nguyen and A.W. Roscoe

No. RR−10−24. OUCL. November, 2010.


The Missing Link: Human Interactive Security Protocols in Mobile Payment

R. Kainda With C. Bangdao A.W. Roscoe

In Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Security‚ IWSEC. 2010.


Reverse authentication in financial transactions

With A.W. Roscoe and C. Bangdao

In Proceeding of the second International Workshop on Security and Privacy in Spontaneous Interaction and Mobile Device Use (IWSSI/SPMU). 2010.


ISO/IEC 9798−6. Information technology – Security techniques – Entity authentication – Part 6: Mechanisms using manual data transfer


In ISO. No. ISO/IEC 9798−6. Pages 35. 2010.


Authentication protocols in pervasive computing

Nguyen Hoang Long

PhD Thesis 2010.


research description

Long Nguyen



HCBK Brochure

Bangdao Chen and Bill Roscoe



Separating two roles of hashing in one−way message authentication


Teaching subjects

Long Nguyen



List of presentations

Long Nguyen



Efficient group authentication protocol based on human interaction

Long H. Nguyen and Andrew W. Roscoe

In Proceedings of FCS−ARSPA 2006 (Foundations of Computer Security and Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis). 2006.


RSA Threshold Signature

Long Hoang Nguyen

2005, Undergraduate Thesis at Bristol University.


Partially Interactive Threshold RSA Signatures

Long Hoang Nguyen

2005, Oxford computing technical report.


Side Channel Attack By Using Hidden Markov Model

Long Hoang Nguyen

2004, Technical report for the Nuffield Foundation Science Research Bursary.