Programme -- Samson@60, May 28-May 30

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All talks will be taking place in Lecture Theatre B. Enter the Computer Science Department via the e-Research Centre entrance, 7 Keble Road, and you will be directed where to go.

This is a preliminary program. The schedule of speakers may change before the workshop. If you have been scheduled you can no longer attend, please contact

Tuesday 28th May »

8.30-9.15 Registration and Payment

09.30-10.00 Introduction/welcome by Head of Department

10.00-10.30 Luke Ong

10.30-11.00 Radha Jagadeesan [slides]

            Title:  Linearizability, Revisited.


11.00-11.30 BREAK


11.30-12.00 Nikos Tzevelokos & Andrzej Murawski [slides]

            Title: Towards Nominal Abramsky

12.00-12.30 Chris Heunen

            Title: On the functor l^2


12.30-14.00 LUNCH


14.00-14.30 Glynn Winskel

            Title: Quantum event structures and strategies''

14.30-15.00 Marcelo Fiore [slides]

         Title: The Algebra of DAGs


15.00-15.30 BREAK


15.30-16.00 Dusko Pavlovic [slides]

            Title: Concepts extended in time

16.00-16.30 Noson Yanofsky [slides]

            Title: Kolmogorov Complexity of Categories

16.30-16.45 BREAK


16.45-17.15 Marina Lenisa

Title: Unfixing the Fixpoint: the theories of the lambdaY-calculus

17.15-17.45 Martin Hyland

Wednesday 29th May »

09.30-10.00 Ross Duncan

            Title: Tracing a path from game semantics to post-quantum protocols

10.00-10.30 Dan Ghica [slides] [screencast]

             Title: Diagrammatic Reasoning for Delay-Insensitive Asynchronous Circuits

10.30-11.00 Aleks Kissinger [slides]

            Title: Interactive Proof for Diagrammatic Languages


11.00-11.30 BREAK


11.30-12.00 Jamie Vicary

            Title: The Logical Landscape

12.00-12.30 Bob Coecke [slides] [slides (no photos)]

            Title: The logic of quantum mechanics - take II

12.30-14.00 LUNCH


14.00-14.30 Philip Scott

            Title: A categorical model of higher-order quantum computation

14.30-15.00 Paul-Andre Mellies [slides]

            Title: Dialogue categories and Frobenius


15.00-15.30 BREAK


15.30-16.00 Simon Gay [slides]

            Title: Deadlock-Free Processes and Non-Zero Vectors

16.00-16.30 Mingsheng Ying [slides]

            Title: Floyd-Hoare logic for quantum programs


16.30-16.45 BREAK


16.45-17.15 Ray Lal

            Title: A sheaf-theoretic approach to the contextuality of cluster states

17.15-17.45 Shane Mansfield [slides]

            Title: On the reality of observable properties


19.30 Dinner at Wolfson

Thursday 30th May »

09.30-10.00 Achim Jung

            Title: Continuous domain theory in logical form

10.00-10.30 Mike Mislove [slides]

            Title: Searching for a Random Variables

10.30-11.00 Prakash Panangaden

            Title: Which is the fairest of them all?  The expressive power of

indeterminate primitives.


11.00-11.30 BREAK


11.30-12.00 Peter Hines [slides]

            Title: Coherence in the untyped setting

12.00-12.30 Gordon Plotkin [slides]

                Title:Partial Recursive Functions and Finality

12.30-14.00 LUNCH


14.00-14.30 Chris Hankin & Pasquale Malacaria [slides]

14.30-15.00 Jamie Gabbay [slides]

15.00-15.30 Jim Laird [slides]

        Title: computational interpretations of linear logic